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Sweden Yachts


It all started in 1976 with a yacht (Sverige) that was built for the America’s Cup. Since then, Sweden Yachts has developed into being one of the world’s leading producers of luxurious, high quality sailing yachts, helping customers to find and participate in buying the boat of their dreams. Sweden Yachts is represented by people with ambitions to construct, produce and sell the best yachts, and we never compromise with quality. The yard today is located in Kungsviken, Sweden as a part of the Sweden Yachts Group. Clients can visit the shipyard throughout the whole process of buying, building and delivery and experience all stages of the production at the Yard. Sweden Yachts now build boats in the range of 40 to 54 feet, each with their own characteristics but with one thing in common; excellent quality throughout and sailing performance above expectations. This is the top of the line brand that is addressed to those who want the best of the best. The design on both the exterior and interior is a sort of mix between modern and traditional. Sweden yachts offers carbon hulls, carbon rigs and the attention to detail can be seen everywhere on these boats. For more info visit

New Yachts

Malö Yachts


The classic design of Malö Yachts is quintessentially Swedish. Steeped in tradition our boats are built to ensure comfort and safety to the most discerning of sailors. All hulls and interiors are built by hand ensuring the highest of quality and adaptability to a customer’s bespoke wishes. In 2019 Malö Yachts will be celebrating it’s 80th Anniversary! To commemorate this event a special edition series of Malö Yachts- Edition 80 will enter into production, along with a range of special offers to Malö customers. Malö Yachts now built yachts in the range of 37 until 54 feet.

New Yachts

CR Yachts


The CR Yacht is a safe, comfortable, easy to sail, high quality performance cruisers. The skilled craftsmen will build each boat to the customers´ specification. CR Yachts always strive to be in the foreground in technology, and always use the best suppliers and materials. On account of continuously positive development, CR Yachts Can change specifications of construction and equipment on request of the buyer. This makes that CR Yachts builds their yachts custom made, which is rare in this range of sailing yachts. The Performance Cruiser Range: CR380 – CR410 – CR470 mkII and the Decksaloon Range CR380 DS – CR420 DS and CR490 DS

New Yachts

Vindö Af Regina


Only the best is good enough. Regina af Vindö represents a perfectly balanced combination of between traditional boat building and modern production ideals. A decksaloon yacht in a class of its own. It succeeds in combining excellent sailing qualities with the advantage of a decksaloon with a panorama view that everyone on board can enjoy whatever the weather Each craftsmen works according to an uncompromising philosophy and ensures that the perfect feeling of quality is achieved in every detail. The long experience and the quality consciousness that permeates the whole company helps to create a unique cruising boat. Boats with soul, boats built with the aim of being a joy for you to own for many years. Regina af Vindö, building boats without the need for compromise, all in the same exclusive style, masterpieces down to the smallest detail. Regina af Vindö now build boats in the range of 35 to 49 feet

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